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If you’re excited to build (or remodel) your first project, working with a construction company can seem like an insurmountable task. How do you effectively communicate to ensure that your project is built the way you want it, is finished within your time table, and comes in within the set budget? Choosing the right contractor is a large part of that! The professionals at Quantum Construction can ensure that your project comes out as planned. You don’t have to fear poor communication, craftsmanship or shady pricing. Our goal is to keep your construction project exciting, understandable and fun!

To get you started, we encourage you to meet our team or check out photos of our past projects. We will also provide references if you contact us. When you’re ready to take it to the next step, feel free to bring your plans, specifications or ideas to our office and discuss them with a project manager.

We have two additional resources for you. The first is a guide for building from start to finish. This includes all the major steps of common projects, as well as some terms you may hear contractors referring to.

Building Start to Finish

The second resource is a complete home planning guide. Originally created for one of our employees’ spouses for their own custom home, this document is intended to walk you through just about every decision you’ll make in construction, from concrete to crown moulding. Much of this information also applies to a commercial project; however, in commercial construction your architect will often assist you with many of the selections that this guide is intended to cover.

Quantum’s Home Planning Guide


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Quantum’s work history includes projects both publicly and privately funded. While the company primarily concentrates its efforts on projects in Skagit, Island, Snohomish and Whatcom counties, select projects have taken construction crews beyond this areaThe company has been awarded contracts to construct banks and offices, remodel restaurants, build research facilities, create manufacturing complexes and more. […]more →