Anacortes Shell Puget Sound Refinery

Quantum Construction has been a permanent contributor at the Shell Puget Sound Refinery for over 25 years. Our projects onsite range from general building maintenance to new construction, including a few of the following ones:

  • Mount Baker Building, a new construction meeting space for safety meetings, turnaround office space, and contractor training
  • I&E Design-Build Shop, a new construction mixed-use building that contains office space and shop space.
  • Warehouse Reroof, a massive reroof of the largest building on the campus
  • Numerous Analyzer and Blast Refinery Shelters (maintenance and new construction)
  • Safety upgrades to buildings and units
  • Site and Civil Improvements for access, safety, and containment
  • Office Buildings, several new construction projects and extensive maintenance and remodel projects
  • Concrete and Steel repair to unit structural components
  • Explosion Proof Retrofits to existing Refinery buildings
  • Refinery Tank Foundations

As the refinery contains both proprietary and security sensitive structures, no photographs are available to review our work.

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