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What is Design-Build?

Design-Build is a one stop shop approach, in which Quantum will design as well as build or remodel your building. By having a single point of contact for all facets of your project, you gain the benefit of a streamlined approach where engineering, architecture, constructability, and cost/value engineering can happen in real time.

We have a multi-step approach to the design-build process. First, we meet with you and discuss the general parameters of the project so that we can build a custom team of architects, engineers, and even interior designers specifically suited to your needs and to verify project viability. We gather your requirements for the building, including intended usage, overall size, budget, architectural style, and more. We can begin the design-build process with as little information as your intended use of the building, or as much as complete preliminary plans and specifications.

Once preliminary plans are established, we’ll meet with you to ensure that the building meets your needs and budget, making any changes as needed. This allows us to finalize the design and create construction documents. We then competitively bid out the project to subcontractors and suppliers to ensure that your project costs and quality are optimal, competitive, and accurate.

When is Design-Build Most Effective?

Design-Build is most effective when the building revolves around function. For example, Quantum’s past design-build projects include research laboratories, office construction and remodels, manufacturing facilities, commercial kitchens, structural upgrades, and more. These share an underlying process that drives the overall design details. In a restaurant, for example, this would include sufficient and safe food preparation areas, refrigeration capacity, a loading door for incoming food deliveries, sufficient seating for patrons, cashier counters, bathrooms, and perhaps even a drive-through or bar.

In fact, the only type of construction that isn’t typically a fit for design-build is new home construction, because of the intimately personal aspects, though remodels sometimes fall into design-build.

Should You Pursue Design-Build?

The first question is, when all is said and done, what are the actual benefits of design-build? In a study by the Pennsylvania State University, overall project delivery time from inception to completion is accomplished an average of 33.5% faster and actual construction averages 12% faster. Not only that, but the unit cost of construction actually averages 6.1% lower than design-bid-build projects. This is the synergy of a holistic team approach. When it comes time to build, the construction portion of the team is already intimately familiar with the design details and has been able to offer advice to improve schedule and cost.

Even with the benefits, design-build is not right for everyone. Contact our team to find out if a design-build approach is right for you. We’ll help you determine whether your project would benefit from an integrated design-build, and if not, we’ll point you towards designers who have experience with your project type.

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